Support in Difficult Times


Support in difficult times - that is the name of an initiative that Andrej Kiska from Credo Ventures came up with and persuaded lots of people to join. You might have read about it on the web, for example on Czechcrunch. It was with a great pleasure for me to join in as well and offer a few days of consulting capacity for more or less beginning entrepreneurs and their projects from various sectors. Judging by the feedback that I received directly from those who made use of the offer, or that I, eventually, read on the web, the event was very successful. All slots in my initial offer of four hours in two days were taken within an hour, so later I added another day - and even that one was immediately full. Therefore, I promised that in the coming weeks, I would offer a few more hours of free consultations. If you are interested, you can book your time here. And please do not forget to send me basic information about your project or the topic you want to discuss.